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Snippet of In Your Life

Here’s a snippet of a tune for the next album along with lyrics. As always, best listened to after a few drinks. Cheers!

I see the hate, through your love
Throughout the years,
your face grows long

With your words, an oath you take
You cannot fake,
or pass along

In your life, the blooms of doom
In your heart, the shattered room
In your life, to feel your way
In your heart, where words don’t sway

In your life, empty sea of scorn
In your heart, memories that have been torn
In your life, the one to see it true
In your heart, the one that makes it through

Patterns In The Chaos

So,as promised…A New Video…Here is Patterns in the Chaos. Enjoy.

Happy New Year

Doom Cat

A new video is coming this year along with some new music (I know, we lag). If you’re ever dying for new music, check out Soundcloud; I put experimental stuff there.

Guardian of Life

Slight set back with us. My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. It hit me pretty hard and I spent the last month or so working on a song for her. I’m sure you can understand. So, here is the song I was working on. It’s just a demo version, a Mom version if you will. Completely different from my normal gothic doom/death metal I dredge up. If you’re so inclined, have a listen. And know we are still looking to release a full-length this year. Perhaps a full-version of the following song will be on it. Thanks for your patience. ~Larshus

Lyrics: Guardian of Life

I see the road coming, it turns so sharp
A world without you, an empty heart

You were my guide, my teacher, my friend
My guardian of life, who would be there, til the end

They say your time is near, for us to depart
Thinking of a time without you, breaks my heart

The mother of life, my healer, your friend
The guardian of life, I’ll be there, til your end

Hail Sorrow Video

So, it’s official, the video is now available as well as the single on most digital stores.

New Video and Single


Just letting you know that were in the works of creating a video and single, followed by a full-length album to be released this year. The video and single should be out, hopefully, at the end of this month. And the full-length album to follow later this year. We appreciate your patience and hope you’re excited as we are to have new music.

In the interim, here is a pic of the video shoot. Not much, I know, but, we’re working on it.


Happy New Year

A little late to be giving season greetings, yes, I know. However, I just wanted to check in and tell you that some good things will becoming this year, despite the election and other non-sense going on in this Country.

We signed with Ancient Mythos. If you haven’t seen or heard, our last full album was released in full on youtube.

So, we got a bunch of songs written and a full-length album to release this year. On a personal note, I’ve gone through a much more spiritual journey which will be reflected in the music. It’s 2017 my heathen friends, so hang in there, best wishes, and Hails!

Happy New Year to you and your kin!


Album on YouTube

I put the full album, Invoked with Passion and Pain, on YouTube.


Hello Doomsters…

This is just an update on our progress. We have been working on new material. We have 14 songs we put together. We’re now in the process of fine tuning the songs. I’m not guaranteeing 14 songs will be released though. I expect 8 to 10 will make it on the next album.

Also, we are still on track to release this next album this year. Though, I’m not promising it. We are taking our time to make a killer record. If we do release this year, I would expect at the end of the year, possibly early 2017.

Keep supporting metal, like and share us on facebook and youtube. Tell your friends, your mom, and grandma. It does help.

Stay Heavy!

Lyric Video for Apparitions of the Sky

I created and post a lyric video for Apparitions of the Sky. Check it out on YouTube.

As a side note: We are back in the studio creating new material. I have no further details than that. Cheers

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