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Patterns In The Chaos

I’m putting this out there as sort of a Christmas present. Listen or check out soon, because I will probably delete after I sober up. This song was just made, I literally just layed down the vocals. It’s completely raw. There are absolutely no effects or EQing or anything.  Below are the lyrics. I really dig this because of the lyrics. Oh and I have a Carl Sagan sample inserted into the song that is just awesome how it fits. Carl is the man!


Patterns in the Chaos
Dark days, dark ways
You will find,
The suffering of humankind

A quest to know, about our past
Cosmically seek,
How history repeats

CARL SAGAN: In our tenure on this planet,
we have… accumulated dangerous, evolutionary baggage,
propensity for aggression, ritual, submission to leaders,
hostility to outsiders,
all of which puts our survival …in some doubt.

Amidst wars and fear, I search for truth
Superstition reigns, and idiocy gains
With skeptical means, I can show you proof
Religious bigotry hate, the catalyst of our doom

Try to find, the patterns in the chaos
The suffering is eternal

Ancient stains, knowledge reclaimed,
so obtuse,
our leaders who abandon truth

Some can see, what lies ahead,
Knowledge decrease,
Ignorance plus tech equals us deceased,

Try to find, the patterns in the chaos
The suffering is eternal

Look to find, the patterns in the chaos
Our search is invane

Seeking out, the patterns in the chaos
The suffering is eternal

Need to find, the patterns in the chaos
to calm my soul, but it’s invane

Here me cry, the patterns in the chaos
our only hope is each other…sigh




Just checking in. We’ve been busy. We’ve written four new tunes while attending some great concerts over the last few months. We still have work to do before I release any of the songs. Over the weekend we added a cover tune that all doomster’s should recognize.

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