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Guardian of Life

Slight set back with us. My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. It hit me pretty hard and I spent the last month or so working on a song for her. I’m sure you can understand. So, here is the song I was working on. It’s just a demo version, a Mom version if you will. Completely different from my normal gothic doom/death metal I dredge up. If you’re so inclined, have a listen. And know we are still looking to release a full-length this year. Perhaps a full-version of the following song will be on it. Thanks for your patience. ~Larshus

Lyrics: Guardian of Life

I see the road coming, it turns so sharp
A world without you, an empty heart

You were my guide, my teacher, my friend
My guardian of life, who would be there, til the end

They say your time is near, for us to depart
Thinking of a time without you, breaks my heart

The mother of life, my healer, your friend
The guardian of life, I’ll be there, til your end

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