New Video and Single


Just letting you know that were in the works of creating a video and single, followed by a full-length album to be released this year. The video and single should be out, hopefully, at the end of this month. And the full-length album to follow later this year. We appreciate your patience and hope you’re excited as we are to have new music.

In the interim, here is a pic of the video shoot. Not much, I know, but, we’re working on it.


Getting Back Into Writing Mode

I’m in the studio, even though it’s too hot. I’m working on some sound for the Artie Quitter Podcast. (I hope they use it)

Here’s what I’m drinking tonight. Dead Guy Rogue
Dead Guy Rogue

I should be back in the swing of things to write some new metal next month.


Hey Guys, the band has been on vacation enjoying our summer. We plan to start writing again in October, when it’s cooler. The temperature in Southern California was in the 100’s this weekend. It’s a scorcher.

So, we’ve been getting reviews here and there on the latest release, mostly positive. The review at was just published. I thought I would share it with you guys.

As a side note, we’re looking into becoming part of compilation CD in Portugal with

Also, I’ve had some inquiries about the physical cd and shipping costs. The store I have setup is set to take the highest shipping costs I’ve shelled out to ship to Europe. I know some parts of Europe are slightly cheaper to mail to, so if you think you’re in one of those Countries, feel free to email me and I’m sure we can work something out. I’m not making anything on this except the $10 for the CD and after costs of creating the CD, I may net $5.

Perhaps, if I get some time, I’ll create a better store that can account for the precise location you are at. Also, the T-shirts are done, I should be getting them next week.


Mix Update

After a week of mixing, I finally have an initial mix of all the songs on the upcoming cd. I will be spending the next week listening and correcting where needed. I am expecting to ship the songs off to the mastering house by the end of the week, if not sooner. And if that goes as planned, I should have the songs back by April 11th.

Here are the titles that will appear on the upcoming release and in no particular order.

Patterns in the Chaos

Apparitions of the Sky

As Flames Ignite

A Caress of Stars

No Hope For Tomorrow

She Said Forever

Dream Dimension

In the Cosmic Laboratory








This is just an update at what stage our CD is at. We have finished all recordings. We are now in the mix stage. I am hoping to have all songs mixed to my liking within the next two weeks.

Then off to be mastered, duplication, and finally released.

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